Dual USB 3.0 internal to external adapter
• 1x 20 Pin USB 3.0 (male)
• 2x USB 3.0 A-Typ (female)
• Length 152 mm
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  Technical Data  
   Model: IB-AC641
   Article No.: 70641
   EAN Code: 4250078185826
   Brand: ICY BOX
   Category: Cable

  Logistische Daten    
   Packing unit: 60 pcs./carton
   Total weight: 4 kg/carton
   Gross weight (incl. packing): 0.55 kg
   Net weight: 0.030 kg
   Dimension/carton: 345x245x260 mm
   Dimension of packing box: 76x20x245 mm
   Dimension of article: 152x25x8 mm
   Country of origin: China
   Import tax: 8544429010



















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