USB 3.0 Docking Station for 2.5'' and 3.5'' SATA HDDs
• Premium hard synthetic material
• USB 3.0 Host Interface up to 5 Gbit/s
• LED for power and HDD access
• Supports: PC (Windows XP/Vista/7)
• Hot Swap
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For Brief Visits

It's like with a visitor who won’t stay long. Make yourself comfortable. No, thanks, I have to leave soon. The ICY BOX IB-110 docking station is for brief visits of external HDDs. If you want to check or download one or two files and it has to be done fast. Simply push in the HDD, never mind if 2.5'' or 3.5'', the SATA connector fits both formats. Eventually you pull out the HDD, and the slot will be sealed with a lid again. As if nothing had happened.

IB-110StU3-B can be connected with the USB 3.0 cable in the package to old computers with USB 2.0 or 1.1 port but you will only achieve the corresponding low transfer rate.

To obtain the full USB 3.0 transfer rate you need to upgrade your computer with a USB 3.0 upgrade card (like ICY BOX IB-AC604 or IB-AC605).





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General - Hard Disk are not detected?

It is neccesary to initial and format the hard disk over your oprating system.

General - Distributor insolvent, Amazon & Ebay & Co


Your Distributor are not able to exchange your device in case of bankrupt. Contact our Support Team for futher instruction. Send the bill as attachement.

Amazon & Ebay

If purchased products that are purchased through Amazon or Ebay are defective please contact our support team to clarify the next steps. Send the bill as attachement.


General - Where can i get a new power supply?

Please contact your distributor and ask for replacement. In case of warrenty the power supply will be exchanged.

Notice: Warranty in Germany 2 Years all other 1 Year.

General - Do i need a RMA Number?

Your defect device can be replaced or exchanged by your distributor or reseller in case of warrenty. Be sure to have the bill for queries of your distributor or reseller.


HDD support (Docking and Klonstation)

The device can be used with all 2.5 "SSD / HDD and 3.5" HDD.
Tested with:
Seagate ST6000NM0024 6TB
Hitachi HUS726060ALA640 6TB

Further Question about Clone/Dockingstation

Docking station: (Q) If the "ext" file system support? (A) Each file system.
Docking station: (Q) Can I have a 1TB HDD to a 256GB SSD clone? (A) No, you use this software like Acronis


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  Technical Data  
   Model: IB-110StU3-B
   Article No.: 20800
   EAN Code: 4250078184430
   Brand: ICY BOX
   Category: External case
   Material: Premium hard synthetic material
   HDD size (inch): 2.5''
   HDD size (inch): 3.5''
   HDD size (cm): 6.35cm / 8.89 cm
   HDD interface: 2.5'' SATA I/II, 1x 3.5'' SATA I/II
   HDD height: 2.5'' up to 12.5 mm, 3.5'' standard
   HDD capacity: 2.5'': 1x up to 500 GB, 3.5'': 1x up to 2 TB
   Hot Swap: Yes
   Plug & Play: Yes
   External data interface: 1x USB 3.0
   Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
   Transfer rate: USB 3.0 up to 5 Gbit/s
   Power switch: Yes
   Fan: No
   Lock: No
   LED: Power, HDD Access
   Display: No
   Power connector: Wall Power Supply: AC: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz/0.8 A/24 W; DC: 12 V/2 A
   Packing content: 1x IB-110StU3-B, 1x power adapter, 1x USB data cable, 1x eSATA data cable, 1x manual

  Logistic Data    
   Packing unit: 10 pcs./carton
   Total weight: 8.1 kg/carton
   Gross weight (incl. packing): 0.72 kg
   Net weight: 0.335 kg
   Dimension/carton: 618x175x360 mm
   Dimension of packing box: 155x120x165 mm
   Dimension of article: 146x84x82 mm
   Country of origin: China
   Import tax: 84733080



















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