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The Power of Quality

RaidSonic was founded in 1999.
The company since then has enjoyed a process of continuous development. Our product range as well as our manpower have grown steadlily.

In May 2004 we moved to a new location due to the company's growth. After our huge success in Germany we started the expansion into the European market.

Obviously one cannot separate RaidSonic's company history from its products or from the development of single products and the comprehensive product portfolio respectively.

Leading Role
RaidSonic was probably the first company in Germany to recognize the emerging impact of changeable internal and external HDDs. Already in our first years we gained a well respected position in the consumer market as well as in the trade with the import of enclosures for external HDDs and mobile racks for HDDs.

On this foundation we were able to launch our own brand ICY BOX a few years later. The ICY BOX IB-350, an enclosure for an external 3.5" HDD was the brand's trail blazer.

Encompassing Quality
Following the guideline "all around the HDD" we have broadened the ICY BOX offering step by step. Often with head turning novelties. In keywords: external enclosures for 2.5" HDDs or external hardware RAID systems.

Only shortly after that we let our knowhow work for network-multimedia players as digital media evolved rapidly providing formats to stream high quality movies and music for professionals as well as the home sector.

With our growing product range we have expanded our portfolio to include a useful complementary range of adapters and cables. The connection possibilities range from video and audio connections to a wide variety of data interfaces.

Eventually we recognized the chances of the USB 3.0 connections as the coming standard early and became worldwide pioneers offering the first HDD enclosures with USB 3.0. Then with the introduction of the super fast USB 3.1, which enables to double the data transfer again compared to USB 3.0, we are playing in the front row again, outfitting our external enclosures nowadays mainly for SSDs. With the USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports in our devices we can now also take advantage of the charging function for external devices or the connection of monitors up to 5K UHD.