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Full-size gaming keyboard of extremely stable and slim construction. It‘s modern design and 20 Anti-Ghosting keys


• Full-Size Gaming keyboard • Wired - cable length 1.8 m • 20 Anti-Ghosting keys • Programmable keys • Spill resistant keypad





This stable and narrow fullsize keyboard offers gamers and sophisticated home and small office users 20 anti-ghosting keys for simultaneous actions. In these specific areas more than four keys can be pressed simultaneously without distorting the signal on the PC.

Programmable buttons

Using a driver, the individual keys as well as macro itself can easily be programmed.
If one does not wish to anti-ghosting and programmable buttons, because you just want to use the keyboard as normal, even no driver is needed!

Ergonomic, practical, good

With the help of two folding feet you can adjust the angle ergonomically.
So even longer working / writing / playing is not a health problem.
The keyboard is connected via USB connection to the computer.
With a cable length of 180 cm this is also no problem.


In our support area you can find our download center, where we provide you with up to date firmware updates, drivers and software for many RaidSonic products. We answer your most frequently asked questions and if the need arises, you could contact our support team directly.

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up-downFrequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our products.

Why does my keyboard write numbers instead of letters?

The keyboard has a number block that is integrated into the normal keypad. The number pad can be permanently activated or deactivated by pressing the key labeled "Num" in the upper right corner of the keyboard. The Num Lock LED in the top right-hand corner indicates whether the numeric keypad is activated or not.

Why does my keyboard write different letters and characters than those shown on the keyboard?
Probably the keyboard layout has been changed in your operating system. You can change the keyboard layout by opening the "Language" setting in Control Panel and selecting your language.

Where can I find drivers for my device?
You can find the latest drivers for your device in the Download Center in the Support category. You can find the Support category for each product directly above the product description. However, if you are using a current operating system, it will rarely be necessary to install drivers later.

For wireless keyboards: Does the keyboard turn off when not in use?
Yes, wireless keyboards go into sleep mode when not in use for several minutes.

With wireless keyboards: If I haven't used the keyboard for a few minutes, there is a short delay with the first keystrokes. Why?
Your wireless keyboard will go into a sleep mode if you haven't used it for a few minutes. This can save battery power. When you press a key on the keyboard, the keyboard wakes up from sleep mode, so there is a short delay when you first type.

For wireless keyboards: Why does my keyboard suddenly stop working or only react to my input with a delay?
If your keyboard input only appears on the PC with a slight delay, then the connection from your keyboard to the receiver may be disturbed.

- Check that the visual contact from keyboard to receiver is not interrupted by a large object.
- Replace the batteries with new ones.
- Connect the wireless receiver to another USB port on your PC.
- Re-synchronize the radio receiver and keyboard. Use the pairing button on your keyboard to do this.

You will find detailed instructions for the re-synchronization in the manual of your keyboard, which you can also find in our Download Center.

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Our friendly support team is glad to help you further and support you with solutions to any issue.

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When you have purchased a product from us our relationship doesn’t end, rather a new kind of relationship will start. It doesn’t matter if you have questions or you want to update an older product or you have a problem (with the product) that we shall solve, you are welcome. By the way, RMA means returnmerchandise authorization.

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Below you can find general information regarding the product.



Article No:


EAN Code:










Construction of keyboard:

Life expectancy:


Pressure point:

Transmission frequency:

Batterie typ:

Power supply:

Power consumption:




Wired - USB

Number of keys:

104-109 (depending on country layout)

Key mechanics:

Soft-Touch membrane technology



Special Features:

20 Anti-Ghosting keys, programmable keys, spill resistant keypad


Windows 95/ 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Box content:

Keyboard, manual

Packing unit:

10 pcs./carton

Total weight:

12.80 kg/carton

Gross weight (incl. packing):

1.20 kg

Net weight:

0.94 kg


480x224x441 mm

Dimension of packing box:

460x33x198 mm

Dimension of article:

434×34×140 mm

Country of origin:


Import tax: